Month: April 2014

New FERC Updates for PowerShark EQR

During the evening of April 17, 2014, FERC updated its online EQR system to version 2.8.  FERC has made the release notes available here.  The change that would most directly impact PowerShark EQR is the addition of the following Balancing Authorities:


  • BANC   Balancing Authority of Northern California
  • EAI       Entergy Arkansas, Inc.
  • NSSO   Nova Scotia Power System Operator
  • SPRM   City Utilities of Springfield
  • WWA    CECD, LLC


It turns out that FERC had erroneously removed these balancing authorities from the EQR XML schema in March 2014 and this release restores them to the schema.  Back in March, Links Technology recognized that their removal had been accidental and included them in PowerShark EQR.  Therefore, no changes are necessary in PowerShark EQR.  As of this writing, PowerShark EQR release 1.2 is fully compliant.

PowerShark EQR Update – Release 1.2

Since its initial release in August 2013, PowerShark EQR has quickly been adopted by many utilities who were looking for a simple yet powerful and affordable solution.  Today, many companies across the country are running PowerShark EQR as their chosen EQR solution either as an Enterprise solution or as a Hosted solution in our SSAE 16 SOC II certified data center.  It is important to note that PowerShark EQR has also been successfully testing XML submissions into the FERC Sandbox, so you can experience the full life-cycle of the EQR filing process.

New PowerShark EQR Release Available

Links Technology Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce the immediate availability of PowerShark EQR Release 1.2.  This release is ready for Q3 2013 EQR data to be filed by April 30, 2014.  Upgrade today to gain all of these benefits from the latest release:

New Features

  • Redesigned Contract Details view features improved navigation between Contracts and associated Products and Transactions
  • Automated client upgrade from PowerShark EQR 1.0 or 1.1 on first run
  • Data filters in validation and import reports are remembered for every report
  • Improved saving and restoring of application window state

Overall Application and Database Changes

  • Latest FERC XML changes support
  • Latest FERC lookup values
  • Validation rules fixes and additions
  • Default import map files support multiple date and date/time formats
  • Database performance improvements
  • EQR and Transaction validations run 4-5 times faster
  • Various application bug fixes, stability and performance improvements
  • Improved multi-user experience

If you haven’t seen PowerShark EQR in action or it’s been a while since you last saw a demo, then maybe it’s time you took another look at our product and see what many are saying is the most complete and affordable EQR solution available!  Please contact Bob VanValkenburg at or call (847) 252-7286 to schedule a demo or free trial of PowerShark EQR today!