Month: February 2015

FERC Decides Not to Collect e-Tag Data in EQR

On Friday, February 6, 2015, FERC issued an order on rehearing stating that the Commission will not collect e-Tag data within Electric Quarterly Reports (EQRs). The key excerpt from the order appears below. The full order is available for download at

After further assessment and consideration of the arguments raised in the rehearing requests, we are persuaded that the initial and ongoing compliance burdens and costs may be significantly higher than the Commission’s estimates included in Order No. 768. Although the requirement to file e-Tag information in the EQR could improve the usefulness of EQR data, the Commission grants rehearing due to the likely substantial costs of complying with such a requirement at this time. Therefore, the Commission will not require that EQR filers submit e-Tag IDs for each transaction reported in the EQR if an e-Tag was used to schedule the transaction.