Month: April 2019

FERC Posts One New Balancing Authority

On April 1, 2019, FERC posted an update to the following EQR resources:

What has changed?

Starting with Q1 2019, HMPL is a new, valid balancing authority.

How does this affect me?

When you prepare an EQR, the data you provide in Data Dictionary fields 39, 41, and 57 are verified against a set of predefined, valid values. EQRs prepared for Q1 2019 and later may use Balancing Authority value HMPL.

How do we update PowerShark EQR?

Use the PowerShark EQR Lookup Refresh Utility (or LRU) to stay current with FERC data values. If you are already running the LRU on a scheduled basis, your database has been updated and there is nothing more to do. You can learn more about the LRU in our October 2017 announcement.


If you have questions or run into any issues downloading or running the LRU, PowerShark EQR Support is ready to assist.