Month: October 2017

New Utility to Keep PowerShark EQR Databases Current


FERC recently posted updates to PORBA and PODBA values, which is something that happens about twice per year. To keep PowerShark EQR in lockstep with FERC, historically, we have released a new Database Installer. For our Enterprise customers (whose PowerShark EQR databases are on-premise), folks in IT have had to download and run the new installer to update the databases. For our Hosted customers, we have provided this service.

Today we are announcing a new utility that keeps PowerShark EQR databases in sync with FERC’s lookup values.

PowerShark EQR Lookup Refresh Utility

The PowerShark EQR Lookup Refresh Utility is a tool for IT folks to ensure that PowerShark EQR databases always have the latest lookup values.

What Does It Do?

The PowerShark EQR Lookup Refresh Utility sends a secure request to asking for the latest lookup values.  It compares these to the ones present in the PowerShark EQR database.  If the lookup values in the database are out-of-date, it updates the database with the latest values.

How Do We Run It?

The PowerShark EQR Lookup Refresh Utility is a console application that runs in a Windows Command Prompt by your IT group.  For example, running the command below would ensure the lookup values in database PowerSharkEQR-DB on server MyServer are current:

pseqrlr.exe --server=MyServer --database=PowerSharkEQR-DB

How Does It Keep Our Database Current?

The real value of the PowerShark EQR Lookup Refresh Utility comes from running it as a scheduled task.  Schedule it to run weekly and the lookup values in your PowerShark EQR database will never be more than 7 days out of date.

Where Can We Get It?

The PowerShark EQR Lookup Refresh Utility is available for download on the PowerShark EQR website at, where you will also find a detailed usage guide.


If you would like to know more about the new PowerShark EQR Lookup Refresh Utility or if you have any other questions, please contact PowerShark EQR Support.