Month: December 2015

PowerShark EQR Update – Release 1.4

PowerShark EQR Release 1.4 Available Now

Links Technology Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PowerShark EQR Release 1.4. This software update is provided largely for FERC compliance reasons (to synchronize PowerShark EQR with FERC EQR Schema version 3.3). The release is freely available to existing customers at no additional cost. Upgrade today to gain all of these benefits.

FERC Compliance

  • Transaction Group Ref is treated as a required field in accordance with FERC’s XML structure schema version 3.3.
  • Contact Street Address 1, Street Address 2, and Street Address 3 were expanded to hold 55 characters in accordance with FERC’s XML structure schema version 3.3.
  • CSV data downloaded from FERC’s website sometimes contains a seller_history_name column (the 3rd column in the Contracts CSV). A new Contracts and Contract Products import Data Map, named “FERC Data Download with seller_history_name”, was added to accommodate.
  • The Balancing Authority and Hub List provided on FERC’s website at was updated in late September 2015. Starting with Q4 2015 EQRs, the following Balancing Authorities are no longer valid: INDN, KCPL, LAFA, LEPA, MPS, SPRM.

Other Changes

  • The Copy Data dialog is more clear about copying terminated Contracts forward from one EQR period to the next.
  • Data validations were added and improved.
  • All PowerShark EQR release 1.4 components are certified to run on Windows 10.
  • Some bugs were squashed and other improvements made.

Since its initial release in August 2013, PowerShark EQR has been adopted by many utilities who were looking for a simple yet powerful and affordable FERC EQR solution. Today, many companies across the country are running PowerShark EQR as an Enterprise solution or as a Hosted solution in our SSAE 16 SOC II certified data center.

If you haven’t seen PowerShark EQR in action or it’s been a while since you last saw a demo, then maybe it’s time you took another look at our product and see what many are saying is the most complete and affordable EQR solution available!  Please contact Bob VanValkenburg at or call 847-252-7286 to schedule a demo or free trial of PowerShark EQR today!