New FERC Updates for PowerShark EQR

During the evening of April 17, 2014, FERC updated its online EQR system to version 2.8.  FERC has made the release notes available here.  The change that would most directly impact PowerShark EQR is the addition of the following Balancing Authorities:


  • BANC   Balancing Authority of Northern California
  • EAI       Entergy Arkansas, Inc.
  • NSSO   Nova Scotia Power System Operator
  • SPRM   City Utilities of Springfield
  • WWA    CECD, LLC


It turns out that FERC had erroneously removed these balancing authorities from the EQR XML schema in March 2014 and this release restores them to the schema.  Back in March, Links Technology recognized that their removal had been accidental and included them in PowerShark EQR.  Therefore, no changes are necessary in PowerShark EQR.  As of this writing, PowerShark EQR release 1.2 is fully compliant.