e-Tag Reporting in the EQR

On February 8, 2013, FERC granted an extension of time for including e-Tag data in the EQRs until after FERC Staff prepare a status report, which is due within one year (unless the Commission takes prior action in the proceeding). According to FERC, “ this extension will allow the Commission more time to fully assess the benefits and burdens associated with market participants linking e-Tag ID information and transactions in the EQR considering other recent data collection efforts.”

On September 21, 2012, FERC issued Order No. 768, which, among other things, revised the EQR data fields by adding a requirement to report e-Tag information. Requests for rehearing and/or clarification of Order No. 768 were filed by industry participants, along with requests for an immediate stay of the e-Tag ID reporting requirement.

It should be noted that this order does not affect the compliance date for any other aspects of Order No. 768.